Dental Care KIT for HIM
Dental Care KIT for HIM
Dental Care KIT for HIM
Dental Care KIT for HIM
Dental Care KIT for HIM
Dental Care KIT for HIM
Dental Care KIT for HIM

Dental Care KIT for HIM

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Gentlemen, opt for the most radiant dental routine for an ever whiter smile!

Experience the DENTAL CARE KIT designed especially FOR HIM.

Composed of:

✔︎ Densine™ - Dental Scaler
✔︎ Vision™ - Dental mirror
✔︎ BRAWS- Bamboo toothbrush
✔︎ Tongy™ Antibacterial tongue scraper


✔︎ Densine™ - Dental Scaler

No more tartar will resist you with Densine™ painless dental scaler recommended by dentists.

Remove coffee, tea, wine and tobacco stains to help keep your breath fresh, and your smile confident.

It allows you to:

✔︎ Remove brown spots, plaque and tartar.

✔︎ Keep your breath fresh.

✔︎ Get whiter and healthier teeth.

✔︎ Use Densine ™ from the comfort of your bathroom.

✔︎ Waterproof

Equipped with 5 adjustable intensities to adapt the scaling to the sensitivity of your teeth, for an optimal and painless result.

Easily reaches all your teeth with its ergonomic design.

✔︎ Vision™ - The dental mirror

Vision is a dental mirror that allows you to safely examine your mouth and teeth with its curved, convenient design.

It allows:

- Effectively use Densine the dental scaler.
- Prevent the production of tartar.
- To prevent the formation of cavities.

✔︎ BRAWS- Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrush is an eco-friendly product, made with a bamboo handle. A superior quality accessory, it is made with natural materials.

100% Biodegradable !

✔︎ Tongy™ Antibacterial Tongue Scraper

Tongy is a tongue scraper that will clean the entire surface of the tongue, where germs and dead cells hide.

It is a convenient, natural and inexpensive solution that will thoroughly remove bacteria and germs responsible for dental inflammation.

Cleaning your tongue regularly will remove 99.8% of the bacteria remaining after brushing your teeth.

This is a limited offer. Order your DENTAL CARE KIT while you still can. 


Product characteristics

Nominal voltage: 5V
Rated current: 500mA
Train position: 5
Integrated lithium battery files: 3. 7V
Waterproof rating: IPX6

Our guarantee

After thousands of satisfied customers and hundreds of positive reviews, we're sure you'll love Densine too, but in case you're still not convinced, don't worry, you can get a 14 day guarantee.

If you are not satisfied, you will be refunded!