OralPro - Toothbrush 360°
OralPro - Toothbrush 360°
OralPro - Toothbrush 360°
OralPro - Toothbrush 360°
OralPro - Toothbrush 360°

OralPro - Toothbrush 360°

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Eliminate 99.98% of harmful bacteria responsible for bad breath and gingivitis.

OralPro™, the 360° toothbrush gives you the opportunity to have white and clean teeth in a 100% NATURAL way!

OralPro™ uses one of the 360° cleaning technologies to remove food remains and germs responsible for bad breath and tartar build-up.

OralPro™ has three speeds and gives the everyday feeling of absolute cleanliness.



 With its advanced technology, 30 seconds is all it takes for a thorough cleaning.

OralPro™'s bristle bristles surround your teeth and gums so you can clean every nook and cranny effectively and reduce the plaque responsible for yellowing teeth.

Featuring the whitening and disinfecting power of blue light technology, OralPro™ makes brushing fast and fun!


Why use OralPro™?

OralPro™ is the perfect compromise between tooth whitening and optimal tooth brushing!

Two dental treatments combined in one 100% natural product that is safe for your enamel.

Now you can experience professional cleaning every day, without having to pay all the extra costs!

Characteristics :

Material: Silicone, ABS
Colour: White, Black T
Size: 65*70mm Voltage: 3.7V
Battery life: 4 hours
Vibration frequency: 4800-48000 rev / min
Battery capacity : 450 mAh
Waterproof : IPX7


Product characteristics

Nominal voltage: 5V
Rated current: 500mA
Train position: 5
Integrated lithium battery files: 3. 7V
Waterproof rating: IPX6

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